Contact an Inmate

U.S. Mail and E-mail are governed by Administrative Regulations 300-38, "Offender Mail" and 300-26, "Publications."

Inmate phone calls are governed by Administrative Regulation 850-12, "Telephone Regulations for Offenders."

All policies can be obtained on our policies page.

If you wish to schedule a visit with an inmate, please see the visiting information on the page of the facility you wish to visit. 

Per Administrative Regulation 300-38 Offender Mail, at facilities where the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has identified that inmates are using the mail to introduce dangerous contraband via correspondence to the correctional facility, the entire facility will be subject to having all incoming mail photocopied with the copy delivered to the inmate and the original correspondence destroyed in accordance with Administrative Regulation 300-06.

Individuals in our custody can receive commercially produced photos through an approved vendor as outlined in 300-26 Publications, section IV.B.1.a. If the photos are received directly from the approved vendor they should be processed like any other publication and not require them to be photocopied.

The following correctional facilities are currently subject to this mail restriction: Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility, Bent County Correctional Facility, Buena Vista Correctional Complex, Centennial Correctional Facility, Colorado State Penitentiary, Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility, Crowley County Correctional Facility, Fremont Correctional Facility, Limon Correctional Facility, Sterling Correctional Facility, and Youthful Offender System. 


    Contact an inmate by U.S. Mail

    To send mail to an inmate please ensure that your envelope includes the following information:

    Inmate Name - Please use the inmate's commitment name. Inmates  may receive mail that identifies them by a legally changed name IF the inmate's commitment name is listed first followed by the legally changed name.

    Inmate Number and  Facility - You can locate an inmate through our inmate locator Facility mailing address - These can be found on the specific facility page Return address OR Jpay letter ID for inmate e-mail

    Contact an inmate by E-mail

    JPay E-mail allows a person to send an electronic message to an inmate housed in one of our facilities. The e-mail will be printed by the mailroom and delivered to the inmate during regular mail rounds. To send an e-mail to an inmate please visit JPay to create an account. Before you can send an e-mail you will need the inmate's DOC number. PLEASE NOTE: at this time, inmates may only respond to e-mails via regular U.S. Mail.

    To message an inmate with a GTL tablet visit, to create an account. GTL messaging service lets you send messages to an inmate in just a few simple steps.

    Contact an inmate by phone

    Colorado Inmate Phone System ( CIPS ) is the phone system used in Colorado correctional facilities. To set up an account to receive collect calls from an inmate, you must set up an account online at or by phone at 1-800-483-8314. Please note, inmates are not able to receive incoming calls. 

    Call Rates:

    Collect Calls
    In-state: $0.12/minute
    Out of state: $0.12/minute

    V-Connect/Advance Pay Collect Calls
    In-state: $0.12/minute
    Out of state: $0.12/minute
    International: $0.50/minute

    Debit Calls
    In-state: $0.12/minute
    Out of state: $0.12/minute
    International: $0.50/minute


    Emergency Notification

    For Questions regarding Emergency Notifications, please review AR 850-10 

    Escorted/Funeral Leave

    The Colorado Department of Corrections does not have funeral furloughs or leave, but does have a policy on escorted leave.  This policy is outlined in Administrative Regulation 300-17 Escorted Leaveescorted leave allows offenders who meet the criteria outlined in the policy to request and be approved for an escorted leave of absence from a correctional facility in order to participate in a final visit with a terminally ill loved one or private viewing for a deceased loved one within the state of Colorado. Escorted leave is subject to approval by the facility administrative head and Office of the Director of Prisons. The offender and/or their loved ones are responsible to cover all costs associated with the escorted leave.  If an offender wishes to request escorted leave, the request may be initiated through the assigned case manager at the correctional facility.