The Canteen program is self-sustaining, receives no taxpayer support, and provides employment opportunities for Inmates. Eligible Inmates can select from a wide range of more than 1,100 retail items, including ready to eat foods, snacks, hygiene products, cosmetics, clothing, hobby and religious supplies. The 80+ Inmates who support Canteen operations process over 65,000 orders per month and profits from these orders help to fund Inmate educational, recreational and social activities, as well as supplementing other direct Inmate needs (which includes providing satellite television and music services). Inmate employment with Canteen is designed to teach Inmates relevant, marketable, transferable skills such as inventory management, warehousing, production, order-fulfillment, customer service and forklift certification.  Canteen Services also administers the CIPS Colorado Inmate Phone System (CIPS), providing the telephone system for entire CDOC Inmate population.  Finally, Canteen Services oversees both video visitation and the electronic tablet program, affording Inmates with another avenue of connection to family, friends and the communities they will return to one day.  These services have become even more important due to challenges related to COVID.

You may access the DOC Canteen webpage at


Update on 1/24/2022

Union Supply Questions:

Union Supply will now offer monthly care packages instead of quarterly. Spend limits will still apply

Can orders be placed for January?

Individuals will be able to place orders beginning on January 21st and the first day of processing orders will be Tuesday, February 1st

 Has this entirely taken the place of the seasonal packages or will there be Christmas packages, etc? 

 The only change to the program is that families/friends can order gift packs on a monthly basis rather than being limited to quarterly. We anticipate that Union Supply will still include holiday items as they have in the past.

Please refer to the spending limits found HERE

CCi Canteen (as of 1/19/2022):

In response to how COVID-19 and supply chain issues has impacted its order fulfillment resources:

• Canteen order limits will be restricted to up to $10 per order. Limits currently less than $10 per order will remain at the appropriate limit based on classification level and/or facility restrictions. Over-the-counter medications, phone time, media, stamps and basic hygiene will be made available.

• Hobby, faith, and cosmetics for the month of January will still be processed. However, catalog orders for January will not be processed. Going forward, all monthly orders will be suspended until further notice.

• All facility outside food sales, ice cream, non-profit fundraisers, etc. will be suspended until further notice.

Temporary Amazon Ordering Options:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Central Canteen is currently facing challenges with the timely delivery of canteen purchases; as well as having to manage through supply shortages faced by the vendors.  This has resulted in the reduction of weekly canteen purchases and delayed catalog purchases.

In order to assist with relieving some of the stress on the inmate population, it has been determined that families will be allowed to purchase certain items, within set guidelines, from

Due to anticipated shipping delays, all orders must be submitted by February 28, 2022.

Inmates will have until March 31, 2022, to consume all items.  After March 31, 2022, all items not consumed will be considered contraband. 

Each facility reserves the right to remove any items deemed to be contraband based on the level of the facility and the classification of the inmate, as determined by the administrative head.

The CDOC assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen items.  Inmates assume the liability for the privilege of possessing personal property during incarceration.

Purchasing Guidelines for Families:

  • There is no package limit, but orders may not exceed the total spending limit per inmate based on their facility and housing/living unit. If multiple family members are ordering, please make sure that you coordinate to ensure you do not go over the limit.    This limit remains in effect, even if they were to transfer to another facility within that time frame.

The spending limit can be found HERE

  • All package orders must be completed and submitted on Amazon’s website by February 28, 2022.  Any orders purchased after February 28, 2022, will be considered contraband and will be handled in accordance with departmental policy, AR 300-06, Searches and Contraband.  
  • Items must be purchased directly from Amazon’s website and shipped to the inmate’s assigned facility.  Any packages not received directly from Amazon may be considered contraband, at the discretion of the facility administrative head.  Keep in mind that the volume of purchases may result in a package being delivered directly from the vendor, but it must still be the same approved item.  
  • Families will have to list the delivery address with the following information:
  • Inmate name and DOC # (commitment name); (Inmates may receive mail that identifies them by a legally changed name IF the inmate’s commitment name is listed first followed by the legally changed name.)
  • Facility and/or P.O. Box Number;
  • The CDOC has created a Public List on that contains all of the items that have been approved for purchase.  The list can be found at the following link:

  • ONLY THE ITEMS LISTED ON THE APPROVED PUBLIC LIST WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE PURCHASED.  If any item is purchased outside of the approved item list it will be considered contraband and will be handled in accordance with departmental policy. 
  • No Substitutions for items that are out of stock will be allowed. 
  • Each facility canteen coordinator will be the primary point of contact for order inquiries/family questions regarding packages.  
  • Issues and concerns with the order/payment will need to be referred to Amazon.  


Gift pack purchases from Amazon are NOT available for the MCC/ MCU/MCH populations.  

As an alternative, a one-time special Canteen purchase will be available for the MCC/MCU/MCH population.  

·         Facilities with an MCC/MCU/MCH unit will provide inmates with a $20.00 canteen credit to be spent on items identified on the Amazon Alternative Canteen list that will be distributed to the MCC/MCU/MCH population.  

·         The $20.00 Canteen credit may only be used for the items listed on the approved Amazon Alternative Canteen list. 

·         Any items ordered that are not on the Amazon Alternative Canteen list will be deleted and the order may be rejected.

·         If the total is over the $20.00 credit limit, the order will be adjusted to the spending limit or rejected if made in excess. 

·         All orders must be completed and submitted to Unit staff on AR form 200-11 A (Canteen Order/Withdrawal ticket) by February 4th, 2022.  


Any orders submitted after February 4th, 2022, will not be processed and may be considered contraband and will be handled in accordance with departmental policy, AR 300-06, Searches and Contraband.




As with all of its programs, CCI strives to create a working environment in its many different industries that mirrors companies in the community.  To this end, they are always looking for ways to innovate and create real world job skills, benefits, and opportunities.  One area that CCI has identified as a priority is to look for ways to create a new type of Inmate pay plan that would not only provide increased opportunities for earning higher wages (through higher base wages as well as production bonuses), but also allows Inmates to progress into more responsible roles and responsibly within the particular shop.  In order to test out this new idea, Canteen Services was chosen and effective September 2020, they implemented their new pay plan.  This resulted in Inmates being able to earn nearly twice the wages that they were making previously and has dramatically increased the morale within the shop.  Ultimately, this provides the opportunity for Inmates to make and save additional funds that will be critical upon their release.  This successful model is being examined for implementation in other CCI shops and programs.

Additionally, Canteen Services staff worked with Prison Operations Leadership to provide opportunities to eight members of the Juveniles Convicted as Adults Program (JCAP). These Inmates were juveniles when they initially committed their crimes and have spent more than twenty years in prison.  Through these initiatives, Inmates participating in the Canteen Services program have expressed a sincere appreciation for the opportunity afforded to them. This appreciation has been expressed in various letters, including one from an Inmate who wrote, “I have gained so much self worth…and the key to success and completing parole is the will and determination to know that I am so much more than a number.”  They note a sense of gratitude as they regain their self-worth and develop greater confidence in their work abilities.