Offender Apology Bank

In addition to the Victim Notification Program, the DOC Victim Services Unit (VSU) manages an Apology / Accountability Letter Bank Program providing victims and survivors a potential opportunity to receive a written letter of apology and accountability from the offender in their case. 

This optional program is carefully implemented to ensure respect and safety of the victim are primary.  If the offender chooses to submit a letter, it will not automatically be provided to you.  All letters are reviewed for appropriateness and approval.  VSU will notify you if there is an approved letter in the bank for you. The choice to obtain the letter or not is solely yours.  

Unfortunately, some offenders may never take accountability for their crime, nor ever apologize for the harm caused.  Some offenders may genuinely desire to directly demonstrate accountability and express remorse.  This program provides a structured, monitored avenue to potentially do so as DOC policy states that offenders are not permitted to directly contact the victims or survivors of their crimes. 

Letters submitted to VSU containing inappropriate, re-victimizing, or disrespectful content will be rejected.  Letters submitted in cases with active no-contact protection orders cannot be approved for the letter bank.  Approved letters will be retained confidentially and indefinitely.

Please contact the VSU at 719-226-4709 or by emailing doc_vsu@state.co.us if you have questions regarding the Apology / Accountability Letter Bank.  

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