The Office of Legal Services is responsible for the management of all offender civil litigation within the department of corrections. Legal services also oversees the offender Legal Access program and operates law libraries in each CDOC facility, and assists attorneys with visitation needs through the use of facility litigation coordinators. Legal services manages the departmental grievance process and the reading material review process. The offender records unit reports through legal services and all incoming CORA/CCJRA and medical requests are reviewed in legal services. In addition, all offender and visitor ADA accommodations are received and resolved through the AIC coordinator within legal services.   

Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs - Adrienne Sanchez - adrienne.sanchez@state.co.us 
Associate Director of Legal Services & Step III Grievance Officer - Tony DeCesaro - tony.decesaro@state.co.us 
Litigation Manager - Teresa Reynolds - teresa.reynolds@state.co.us 
Step III Grievance Responder- Marshall Griffith - marshall.griffith@state.co.us
AIC Designee- Jan Smith - janet.smith@state.co.us 
Offender Records - Christyl Walters - christyl.walters@state.co.us
Open Records Specialist - Austin Ayers - austin.ayers@state.co.us or doc_open_records@state.co.us
Program Assistant/ASL Coordinator - Becky Chaney - rebecca.chaney@state.co.us