Send money to an Inmate

How to deposit funds to inmate accounts:

Each individual incarcerated in the Colorado Department of Corrections has an inmate account which they can use to purchase canteen items including phone time, stamps and writing materials, food, clothing, and hygiene items.  An inmate's  account is accessible to them at any correctional facility they are assigned to; all funds sent to them by loved one or earned through work assignments are deposited to the inmate account.  All funds will be released to the inmate when they are released from CDOC custody to community corrections, parole, or discharge. 

The Colorado Department of Corrections partners with three companies – JPay, Western Union, and GTL  – to provide convenient electronic ways to send money to inmates. Additional information regarding each of these providers is provided below.  Money orders and cash sent by mail are not accepted.

There are three general ways to send money to your incarcerated friend or family member:

  1. Online with a credit or debit card
  2. Over the phone with a credit or debit card
  3. In person with cash at locations throughout the country

Money that is sent before 4:00 p.m. MT will generally be available to the inmate the next day.

In order to ensure receipt of funds for inmates to place canteen order, it is advised to allow 2-3 days for funds to be processed and available to the inmate after deposit.

Rates for sending money varies depending on the method of payment. Please compare services and prices of the providers listed below.

The department is statutorily required to withhold a minimum of 20% of any deposit for payment toward any court ordered fines, fees, restitution, and/or child support owed by the incarcerated individual.

PLEASE NOTE, PER POLICY as outlined in Administrative Regulation 200-02 Inmate Banking: "Offenders in the custody of the DOC are not allowed to send, receive, or solicit EFTs from other offenders or relatives or visitors of other offenders in the custody of the DOC. Exceptions may be made for inmates with common immediate family members by application to the Custody/Control manager of their facilities. a. All EFTs received by offenders are subject to investigation by each facility's intelligence officer.  If the funds are determined to be used for bartering, have come from someone determined to be a relative or visitor of another offender or are deemed questionable, they will be confiscated from the offender's account and put into a holding account until a final determination can be made regarding their status.  b. Each facility's intelligence officer will determine within ten business days whether the funds will be returned to the sender, released to the offender, or held as contraband. c. All funds confiscated as contraband and/or abandoned will be forwarded to the Inmate Bank Office to be deposited to the canteen and library fund." [IV. R. 7.]

Contact the Inmate Bank at (719) 269-4271 if you have questions.

JPay.com - Send money online, with your credit or debit card

JPay mobile - Send money anytime, anywhere by downloading the free app - App Store or Google Play

Call - 1-800-574-5729 - Speak with a live agent, 24/7

Cash with MoneyGram - At locations including CVS and Walmart (receive code 6556) LEARN MORE

Lobby Kiosks - Use cash or credit/debit card at the lobby kiosk in the facility (select facilities)

Deposit Amount Online Phone Lobby Kiosk Cash/Walk-in
$3.01 - $20.00 $3.70 $4.70 $3.00 $6.95
$20.01 - $100.00 $6.70 $7.70 $3.00 $6.95
$100.01 - $200.00 $8.70 $9.70 $3.00 $6.95
$200.01 - $300.00 $10.70 $11.70 $3.00 $6.95
$300.01 - $999.99 - - - $6.95

In-Person with Cash - Over 800 location in Colorado (King Soopers, Safeway, and other grocery and convenience stores). For the location nearest to you, 1-800-325-6000 and press 2.

Internet Website -  Western Union - Click here for On-Line payment

Via Phone - 1-800-634-3422

EFT Required Information:

  • Pay to: Colorado Dept. Corrections
  • Code City: CODOC
  • State: CO
  • Account #: Inmate DOC# and Last Name, no spaces (example: DOC# 123456 for John Smith would be 123456Smith)

To make a payment or deposit using a Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card

GTL Onlinewww.ConnectNetwork.com 

GTL Mobile: search for ConnectNetwork on Apple or Android devices to download the free app.

GTL Toll-Free Phone System: Deposits in English and Spanish. Call anytime.

Trust: 888-988-4768

PIN Debit Phone (the inmate's phone account) : 855-706-2445

Advance Pay Phone ( the payer's phone account): 800-483-8314

GTL Customer Service: 877-650-4249

Deposit Amount
















*Maximum single amount is $300.0