As a normal rule, tours of CDOC facilities are not available to the general public, although there may be some days designated by the department when CDOC employees, contract workers, and/or volunteers may bring their families on tour to increase the family members’ understanding of the correctional work environment. 

The Department does conduct tours for certain purposes related to the criminal justice system.

All requests for tours should be referred to the public information officer at doc_pio@state.co.us or 719-226-4773

The Governor of Colorado, judges of the Colorado Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts, and legislators are authorized to visit any DOC facility at their pleasure and such tours will be coordinated through the public information officer in coordination with the legislative liaison. 

Prior to being allowed access to a facility for a tour, each individual participant will need to review the Dress Code and submit a completed Consent to Search form. The completed Consent to Search form can be submitted to the Public Information Officer at doc_pio@state.co.us 

Consent to Search Form

CDOC Facility Dress Code