Visiting Applications


How to apply for ongoing visitation and video visiting:
Complete a Visitor Application and submit per the instructions specific to the facility you are applying to visit.  VISITING APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED PER THE FACILITY-SPECIFIC VISITING INSTRUCTIONS as listed under the "Where/how to submit visiting applications" section on the page for the facility you are applying to visit. Facility-specific pages may be found under the "Facilities" menu which may be found at https://cdoc.colorado.gov/facilities.

**A copy of a valid, unexpired government issued photo ID needs to be submitted with the visiting application; the address on the photo ID must match the address on the visiting application or your application may be denied.**

**PLEASE NOTE: All visitors are responsible for knowing and abiding by all visiting rules and policies as outlined in Administrative Regulation 300-01 Offender Visiting Program, available for review on the Department Policies page.  Failure to abide by visiting rules may result in termination of visiting privileges**

Minor Children (any child under 18) visiting application:
Minors must be listed on the application of the legal guardian or immediate family member that will accompany the minor on the visit. Minor children must be named on the Visitor Application, but will not be counted toward the twelve (12) approved visitors. If someone other than the parent/legal guardian is bringing the minor, the parent needs to complete a Form 300-01G Authorization for Minor Child Visitation and submit it per the facility-specific visiting instructions. Otherwise, the parent/guardian just needs to list the minor on their visiting application and submit a copy of a birth certificate or adoption/guardianship order.

One-time or infrequent visitors (i.e., one to two times per year):
Please complete a Special Visitation Application and mail to the location specified under the Facility's page. Facility pages may be found under the "Facilities" menu.

**A completed visiting application is required for video visitation**