Outside Resources

Please note, all of the below links will take you to outside websites which are not a part of and are not administered by Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC). 

Probation is Colorado is not overseen by the Colorado Department of Corrections.  Probation falls under the supervision of the Colorado Judicial Branch - Division of Probation Services

County jails in Colorado do not fall under the supervision of the CDOC.  County jails are operated by the sheriff's office of the county in which the jail is located.  Contact information for sheriff's offices in Colorado may be found through the County Sheriffs of Colorado

Colorado's federal prisons, including the federal supermax in Colorado are operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Community corrections programs in Colorado are supervised by the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections.

Advocacy groups and resources which may be able to provide useful information and/or resources to inmates and their loved ones include:

Advocates for Change, which publishes the Advocates for Change Family Resource Guide for Adults Accused, Charged or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado

Colorado CURE