COVID-19 FAQ and Updates

The Colorado Department of Corrections continues to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and has implemented a number of operational measures to protect the health and safety of, our staff, inmates and parolees. Further information regarding the measures taken by CDOC to address COVID-19 may be found below and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Information and Resources

This CDOC COVID-19 Dashboard is updated weekly on Wednesday - Last Updated February 28, 2024


10/29/2020- Letter to Inmate Family and Friends from Exec Director Williams


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (last updated 6/22/2022)

 Visitation Guidelines

All COVID-19 visitation restrictions have been lifted. 

Executive Orders

Executive Order D 2021_39 (Issued 2/7/2021 - NOW EXPIRED) 

Executive Order D 2020 221(Issued 10/14/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 192 (Issued 9/15/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 166 (Issued 8/17/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 140 (Issued 7/19/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 112 (Issued 6/20/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 078 (Issued 5/22/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 043 (Issued 4/23/20 - NOW EXPIRED)
Executive Order D 2020 016 (Issued 3/25/20 - NOW EXPIRED)


Early Release Requests

At present, the department is not authorized to consider any offenders for early release. The considerations for early release, that were done earlier in the year were under the provisions of an executive order by Governor Polis which expired on May 22nd and has not been renewed. None of those requests are being revisited as the department currently does not have any authority to identify individuals for early release except through the standard, established processes for ISP-I and Special Needs Parole under state statute and CDOC policy., If an offender meets the criteria for ISP-I as per, Administrative Regulation 250-01 Intensive,Supervision,Program (ISP - Inmate) Referral and Placement Process, or meets the criteria for special needs parole as per, Administrative Regulation 550-13 Special Needs Parole, he or she may apply for either of those through the assigned case manager.

Information on Criteria under Governor's Executive Orders 016 and 043 (NOW EXPIRED) for ISPI, Special Needs Parole and Earned Time.

Other Resources for Friends and Family 

Information on sending photo postcards to offenders through Flikshop.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a loved one or need assistance from the department, you may reach our Constituent Services Office at 719-226-4569 or by email at cdoc@state.co.us

Video Visitation

Information on Video Visitation Options can be found on our Visiting page, please note that all individuals who will appear on the video visit must be approved visitors on the inmate's visiting list. If you are not yet an approved visitor, you may obtain a copy of the visiting application on our Visiting Applications page.

Please see Administrative Regulation 300-01Offender Visiting Program, available on our Department Policies page for additional policy information regarding video visiting.

Current Facility Operational Status

The current facility operational status can be found on page 3 of the Dashboard above.