Community Engagement


Faith and Citizens and Volunteer Services

The Colorado Department of Corrections' volunteers play an important part in the delivery of inmate programs inside the state correctional facilities, and in aftercare. Hundreds of active volunteers offer a wide range of program opportunities. These self-improvement programs allow inmates the chance to succeed. To complement the departmental mission, Faith and Citizen Programs continually recruits volunteers to support correctional staff and to create opportunities for inmates in a wide variety of activities, including: Addiction rehabilitation programs; Basic educational programs; Faith group chaplains, spiritual advisors, and services; Parenting programs; Recreational programs; and Reintegration programs (inside and outside of prison).                                                                           

Faith and Citizen Programs Goals:
Provide a positive working environment for volunteers.
Maintain administrative standards and guidelines.
Provide information and technical assistance for program development.
Recruit, train, and supervise volunteers.
Plan the orderly expansion of resources.
Serve as a liaison with other public and private agencies.
Supply information to the public about the department and its functions.
Becoming an active volunteer is easy and the experience can be very rewarding. An application process and a few simple steps are required before being approved to volunteer. Information regarding volunteering may be found on our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Information regarding how to donate faith items may be found on the Donation of Faith Items page.


Constituent Services/Citizen Advocate Meetings

Our Constituent Services Office is able to address your general questions or concerns or will refer them to the appropriate subject matter experts to do so.  If you need assistance and don't know who to contact, please contact the Constituent Services Office and they will ensure you receive the assistance you need. 

As part of the department's community engagement efforts, Constituent Services and our executive staff regularly host Citizen's Advocate Meetings, which are open to the public.  These meetings are a forum for communication and information sharing between the Department of Corrections and its stakeholders. Information regarding upcoming meetings and how to RSVP to apply may be found on our Citizen's Advocate Meeting page.