CCI Programs

Colorado Correctional Industries is a division of the Colorado Department of Corrections 

CCi was formally established in 1977, but has been providing opportunities for offenders throughout Colorado for over 100 years. It is a cash-funded enterprise that operates on a financially profitable basis to generate revenue for its operations and capital investment. CCi provides an operational and learning work setting that closely resembles the environment for the business operations of a private corporate entity.  Participation in CCi programs requires a GED and is a tremendously valuable incentive to help motivate offenders as they prepare for transition upon release. Some programs provide certified classroom education, apprenticeships, and certificates as well as on-the-job training and experience in a variety of in-demand industries. CCI opportunities significantly contribute to the workforce and economic development by preparing offenders for successful employment upon release from prison.

In addition to technical skills, these programs also teach critical soft skills that will help prepare offenders to interact professionally with others in a work setting. CCi offers a variety of incentives, through such things as scaled inmate pay plans as well as providing skill/technical advancement similar to that found in private employment.  While wages for CCi programs are considerably higher than non-CCi programs, CCi recognizes the importance of making sure offenders are adequately compensated. As a result, CCi has successfully increased wages in several programs through internal/external partnerships and will continue to look for additional opportunities.  Ultimately, CCi contributes to lowering prison costs through employment and supervision of inmates within CCi work programs and has an impact on reducing overall recidivism.

For More information About CCI go to: CCI.colorado.gov.