How to Donate Faith Items


Faith and Citizen Programs accepts donations of allowable group and personal faith property items. All items are required to be approved and processed through Faith and Citizen Programs. Unsolicited items sent to the department or any facility without prior approval will be denied. Approval by Faith and Citizen Programs must occur before a facility takes custody of the item(s). Friends and family members of incarcerated individuals may not donate or have others donate items to specific inmates, facilities, or groups. Inmates may not solicit donations of personal faith items for themselves or facility faith groups. Approved individuals/organizations may donate items only through Faith and Citizen Programs, the donation process and requirements are outlined in Administrative Regulation 800-01, which may be accessed on our department policies page. Once a donation is made, it becomes the property of the CDOC. Distribution will be determined by Faith and Citizen Programs and based on statewide needs.

Inmates may not donate faith property to faith groups or individuals.

Items donated by specific community based faith groups will only be provided to those inmates listed as that faith in CDOC records. Books may be an exception.

The CDOC is frequently in need of Study Bibles, large print Bibles, Jewish Tallis, Islamic Prayer Rugs and Prayer Beads, Japamala beads, Runes, and Tarot Cards.

Questions may be directed to the FCP Regional Volunteer Coordinator at Colorado Department of Corrections, 1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910; or phone 719-226-4291.