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Information regarding the department's COVID-19 response and statistical information concerning testing may be found on our COVID-19 Information Page.

Colorado Wagees Program

 Information regarding CDOC's partnership with Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills (WAGEES) may be found on our WAGEES and Community Partners page. Or you may directly access the WAGEES webpage.

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Colorado Department of Probation 

Colorado Judicial Branch

County Sheriffs of Colorado 

Federal Bureau of Prisons 

Office of Community Corrections 

Doing His Time Prison Ministry

Doing His Time Prison Ministry

Colorado Correctional Industries

CCI Programs

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Colorado State Board of Parole

The Colorado State Board of Parole is given the sole authority to grant or deny discretionary parole to incarcerated persons in Colorado Department of Corrections custody. 


Colorado Department of Corrections is in the process of transitioning to a new visiting records system; as a component of this transition, all visitors whose most recent application is over a year old must reapply and undergo a new background check for safety and security purposes and to bring all visiting records into compliance with policy requirements concerning visitor approval.
This spring, the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC), in collaboration with the Office of State Planning and Budget (OSPB), formally submitted a request to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) for a comprehensive review of our budget practices in order to strengthen our commitment to operational transparency.
Due to a server migration project JPay is engaged in, they are currently experiencing intermittent issues with a handful of services nationwide following the system maintenance. As a result, CDOC facilities have been experiencing issues with JPay mail and there may be intermittent pauses of service.