Governor's Dashboard WIG Updates

Colorado Department of Corrections - Wildly Important Goals

For fiscal year 2020-2021, the CDOC has selected three Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) that align with the mission and vision of the department. Two of the department’s WIGs continue to focus on providing resources necessary to help inmates and parolees succeed while the third is aimed at reducing the staff turnover rate and improving the professional culture of the agency. These goals are not reflective of all the work being done within the department; rather, they highlight areas selected as priorities in fulfilling the mission of the CDOC.


WIG #1 - Decrease the recidivism rate - Successful completion of this goal will improve overall community safety and decrease the cost of re-incarceration. Reducing technical parole violations will ensure that prison is only utilized for high-risk persons. 

WIG #2 - Increase the percentage of medication assisted treatment participation - MAT is designed to mitigate the risk associated with opioid use disorder such as overdose/death and recidivism. Successful completion of this goal will assist in the successful re-entry of incarcerated individuals diagnosed with opioid use disorder. 

WIG #3 - Decrease the staff turnover rate and improve the culture - Recruiting and retraining top talent is vital to the effective operation of the CDOC. Successful completion of this goal will lead to a more efficient and highly skilled workforce, a decrease in the cost of recruiting and training new employees and improved facility security. 


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