Governor's Dashboard WIG Updates

Colorado Department of Corrections - Wildly Important Goals

For fiscal year 2023-2024, the CDOC has selected three Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) that align with the mission and vision of the department. Each of the department’s WIGs continue to focus on decreasing staff vacancies to ensure the safety of staff, offenders, and the community, sustaining one-year returns by providing resources necessary to help inmates and parolees succeed, and  modernizing the department to bring DOC into the 21st century. These goals are not reflective of all the work being done within the department; rather, they highlight areas selected as priorities in fulfilling the mission of the CDOC.

 WIG #1 - Decrease staff vacancy - Successful completion of this goal will decrease staff vacancies and allow the department to operate at full capacity and deliver crucial programming and services.  Reducing vacancies also improves facility security and increases the likelihood of successful re-entry of incarcerated individuals upon release, which ultimately leads to higher levels of safety for the community.  
WIG #2 - Sustain one-year returns - Successful completion of this goal will improve upon previous work by the department to support those reentering society, help Colorado become one of the top 10 safest states, reduce victimization in our communities, and save taxpayer dollars by utilizing resources more efficiently and not incurring the cost of re-incarceration.  
WIG #3 - Modernize the department - Successful completion of this goal will finally bring DOC into the 21st century by addressing the department's tech-debt.  It will result in the implementation of roadmaps that prevent interruptions and breakdowns in service as multiple DOC systems undergo full-scale transformation.  


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