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Due to transition to a new notification system, the Department is delayed in automated notifications. For immediate assistance, or Parole Board Hearing date inquiries, please send an email to DOC_VSU@state.co.us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The Department of Corrections recognizes that the path of a victim is not always easy.  The criminal justice system is large and the process can be intimidating.  There are many new terms and procedures to learn.  The Victim Services Unit works to answer questions and to provide you useful and timely information.  It is our promise to honor you, treat you with respect and dignity, and to act as your guide while the offender is under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

It is our commitment to you and your family to provide direct and personal service.  We want your voice to be heard through the critical stages of the offender's confinement in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

What you need to know - 2019 Victim Notification Program Informational

Email: DOC_VSU@state.co.us

Call: 719-226-4709 or 800-886-7688

DOC Victim Notification Program
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