Transition Planning

The Division of Adult Parole provides pre-release services to offenders and assists them with transitional planning for successful community re-entry. The Department of Corrections utilizes Pre-Release Specialists and Facility-based Community Parole Officers to identify barriers, needs, strengths, and resources, through both individual and group settings, to establish reintegration goals and assist with developing a transition plan.

A Transition Plan is created by an offender in collaboration with their Pre-Release Specialist. The plan encompasses each of the ten Pre-Release Modules, utilizes strength-based assessments, goal setting and timelines to identify and eliminate barriers to re-entry. It includes specific and relevant community resources, support systems, and contact information. The document also serves as a bridge of communication between Pre-Release, the Facility-based Community Parole Officer, the Parole Board, Community Re-Entry, and Community Parole Officers regarding the offender's individual specific plans to re-enter the community.