Colorado State Penitentiary


In 1993, the Colorado State Penitentiary was opened as a designated level V/Administrative Segregation Facility. Construction occurred in two phases. Phase I was completed in 1993 with a capacity of 504 inmates. Phase II was completed in 1995 adding an additional 252 cells for our current capacity of 725.
CSP  houses inmates with a variety of custody levels: Close Custody levels – Management Control Unit High Risk (MCUHR), Management Control Unit (MCU), Close Custody Transition Unit (CCTU), and Medium or below levels - Incentive Pod Offenders.

 In the summer of 2014, CDOC requested funds to construct outdoor exercise yards at CSP for inmates in MCU and CCTU. Construction commenced on January 4, 2016 with availability for use in December 2016.  Beginning in January 2017, outdoor recreation began to be offered to inmates. 

The following are programs offered to CSP offenders based on their custody level:
•High School Equivalency
•Parents on a Mission (POM)
•Violence Reduction &
  Prevention Program (VRPP)
•CCTU Classes
•Bring Your ‘A’ Game
•Why Try
•Moral Recognition
•MCU Classes
•Anger Management
•Phoenix Gang
•Khan Academy
•Victim Impact
•Incentive Unit Classes
•Second Chance PELL



Warden Stephanie Sandoval
PO BOX 777
Canon City, CO. 81215-0777

Front Lobby - 719-269-5120

Colorado State Penitentiary

Visiting Days and Hours


Please contact CSP Visiting with any questions or to schedule visits at doc_csp_visiting@state.co.us or 719-269-5252.

Please view the current schedule.


Visiting Appointments

CSP Visiting program requires approved visitors to arrange visits by appointment with CSP Visiting Officer at (719)269-5252. Appointments are required for all visits. 

Where/How to submit visiting applications

Visiting Applications may be obtained on our Visiting Applications page.

Completed applications should be mailed into the facility at P.O. Box 777 Canon City, CO 81215 or by email to CSP visiting doc_csp_visiting@state.co.us

Who to contact if visiting is denied

Applicants that have been denied or seeking reconsideration, please contact CSP visiting supervisor James Johnson at DOC_CSP_Visiting@state.co.us 


Directions to the Facility