Intake Process

Intake Overview:

All inmates go through an intake and classification at the Denver Complex; male offenders go through intake and classification at Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center (DRDC) and all female offenders go through intake and classification at Denver Women's Correctional Facility (DWCF). The intake and classification process includes a review of the individual's criminal history, educational history, and identification of program needs which are utilized in the classification process; fingerprinting and photographing; DNA collection as required by statute; and a full medical, mental health, and dental evaluation by clinical staff.

The intake and classification process takes an average of 3-6 weeks and once completed, the inmate will be transferred to a long term facility assignment based upon their classification, any documented custody issues, program needs, and bed space availability.  Please note, due to the complex nature of facility assignment the department is unable to accommodate requests for placement in particular correctional facilities and/or geographic areas.

Contacting Intake Inmates:

Please be aware that individuals going through intake and classification are not able to make outgoing call until they have submitted a phone list and it has been approved by the Colorado Inmate Phone System (CIPS) office; this typically occurs within the first 2-3 weeks of incarceration, but this average timeline may be impacted by intake volume, staffing levels, and state/federal holidays.  If an incarcerated individual is assigned to DRDC or DWCF and a family member has not heard from them, they may send them a letter - be sure to include their full name and DOC# and a valid return address. Friends and family members of incarcerated individuals may also send an email via JPay (please be aware this link will take you from CDOC's website to the Jpay website)- which will be printed and delivered to the incarcerated individual by the facility. Additional information regarding options for contacting your loved one may be found on our "Contact an Inmate" page.

Parole board hearings for Intake Inmates:

Individuals who enter the department's custody at or beyond their mandatory release date will go through an expedite intake and classification process and be released to begin their parole. Individuals who enter the department's custody at or beyond their parole eligibility date will be scheduled for a file review if they are eligible for a file review; if a parole board hearing is required, that will be scheduled once the inmate reaches their long term facility assignment.

Intake Property Restriction:

Please be aware that diagnostic inmates going through the intake process at Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center may not be sent books at DRDC as they are not permanently assigned to that correctional facility.  Intake inmates are also not eligible to receive Union Supply care packages.