Intake Process

Intake - CCF-S and Rapid Release:
At present, due to COVID-19 all individuals entering the custody of CDOC from jail backlog are quarantined for at least fourteen days at Centennial Correctional Facility (CCF) to ensure that COVID is not inadvertently introduced into the CDOC system from jail backlog. All incoming individuals in intake quarantine are single celled. They are given the opportunity within the first few days of intake to complete and submit a phone list. Once the phone list has been reviewed and approved, they are able to make outgoing calls.

If an incarcerated individual is assigned to CCF and a family member has not heard from them, they may send them a letter - be sure to include their full name and DOC# and a valid return address. Friends and family members of incarcerated individuals may also send an email via JPay email -  - which will be printed and delivered to the incarcerated individual by the facility.

When each incarcerated individual enters custody from jail backlog, they receive a new arrival kit which contains:
2 stamped envelopes,
2 pages of writing paper (additional paper upon request)
Hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, wash cloth)
Flex pen
Activity packet (contains coloring pages and puzzles, word searches etc.)
Colored pencils
And any request for interview kites

Upon intake and every Saturday thereafter they are issued a roll of toilet paper and 2 bars of soap
They are offered showers, electric razor, nail clippers, phones every day and are provided access to cleaning kits daily. Library carts are brought to the housing unit daily to provide them the opportunity every day to obtain and exchange books.

They are also allowed to order basic hygiene items, basic canteen items, and phone time from canteen weekly.

On day fifteen, once they have completed quarantine, they are then offered recreation, showers and phone access for a total of 4 hours out per day. All inmate movement is one incarcerated person at time in areas that are quarantine and a tier at a time for post-quarantine, due not being processed by DRDC, not having information on classification levels or of any custody issues the incarcerated individual may have and for cohorting purposes.  All these practices are in place to ensure inmate and staff safety until the inmates can be processed appropriately and placed in a facility according to their appropriate classification.

After the quarantine process, incarcerated individuals are transported to the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center to complete the intake and classification process.  During the intake process inmates go through a series of assessments to determine their medical, mental health, educational, program, and criminogenic needs.  All of these factors as well as criminal history are considered in the inmate's classification and case planning.  Intake at DRDC takes several weeks to be completed. During this process, the inmate's classification is done and this will determine their long term facility assignment.  

Individuals who are at or beyond their mandatory release date while in jail backlog will be scheduled for rapid release.  Individuals who are approved for rapid release will go through a single day expedited intake process at Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center and be released to parole the same date.