Changes in Communication Services

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CDOC is currently in the process of transitioning our phone systems from ViaPath (formerly known as GTL) to our new vendor, Securus. During this time, we may encounter some interruptions to the ability to access the phones and video visiting as we transition to our new communications system. We know how important communication with loved ones behind the walls is, and we will be working with both vendors to make the transition as smooth as possible. We appreciate your patience. We will continue to update you all as we navigate through the process. Go-Live dates for Securus Phone Systems that have been scheduled so far may be found at…. Facilities that have not yet been scheduled will be added to the list as they are scheduled.

Below you will find some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please email us at

Questions or concerns related to Securus account set up or account issues are best directed to Securus customer service.  Their contact information may be found on their website at


When should we stop putting money into GTL accounts? 

-Securus recommends stopping debit sales a week or 2 ahead of the transition.

What will happen to the funds we currently have on the GTL accounts?

-The funds will flow back to trust, and the inmates can then buy time through Securus. For family, please contact GTL/Viapath for refunds.

We are having issues with our GTL calls and video calls. Who do we contact?

-The GTL (ViaPath) customer service number is 877-650-4249.

When/How will we start our Securus accounts?

-Securus will obtain an account list for facilities prior to cutover for uploading rosters directly to communication systems and retaining calling pins already in use with GTL. Upon this first upload, the custody accounts for inmates included on that roster will exist within the Secure Call Platform and be accessible by site users. Subsequent bookings will arrive on the said platform by way of the file feed being established for the active roster. Accounts arriving this way will be issued a brand-new PIN.  

Will we still use GTL to put money in commissary accounts? 

-End-users currently use JPay, GTL, and Western Union for funding commissary accounts. This will not change with the transition. 

When will the transition occur? 

-GTL (ViaPath) communication will transfer to Securus on October 1, 2023.

Will inmates need to resubmit phone lists?  

-Current GTL (ViaPath) phone lists will transfer to Securus Panlists (phone lists) on October 1, 2023. 

Will people need to be reauthorized as video visitors in order to video visit through Securus or will their prior approval carry over?

-Securus will obtain account lists for facilities prior to cutover for uploading rosters directly to communication systems and retaining information already in use with GTL.

How can refunds on failed video visits be obtained once the transition occurs? 

-Please Contact GTL (ViaPath) with regards to video visitation issues encountered prior to 10/1/2023.

The GTL (ViaPath) customer service number is 877-650-4249.

Will telephone communication be delayed when transitioning from GTL to Securus? 

-Facilities will temporarily (less than 8 hours) experience centralized telephone connectivity disruption during cutover from GTL to Securus telephones. Go-Live dates for facilities to transition from GTL to Securus may be found at…

When will video visiting services transition from GTL to Securus?

-No video visits can be scheduled through GTL/Viapath beyond 9/30/23 at this time. We anticipate video visitation becoming available at all facilities through Securus by mid October.  We appreciate your patience as we make this transition in service and will provide additional updates if the timeline for restoration of video visiting service changes.