Media Contact:



The Department of Corrections works to be as transparent and accessible as possible in order to keep the public informed with timely and accurate information without disrupting the facilities or jeopardizing the safety of staff and the incarcerated population. 

If you are a member of the news media, please review the Colorado Department of Corrections policy related to public information and the press. That policy is AR 1350-01 and can be accessed on our Department Policies page.

Please note that the CDOC will not allow any media project if : 
- The project may exploit offenders, crime victims, staff or the DOC.
- The media representative is found to be uncooperative and an undue disruption to the facility/office at the
time of entering said location or at any time during granted access.
- The proposed project or interview may glorify, promote or sensationalize criminal activity or a specific
- The proposed project would cause serious unrest, disturb the good order of the institution or bring notoriety to an offender or a specific offense.