Basic Training Academy

The Corrections Training Academy (CTA) upholds the CDOC mission statement of, “Building a safe Colorado for today and tomorrow” by ensuring that new employees receive a solid foundation for their careers in corrections. Completion of Basic Training (BT) is a condition of employment. 
BT curriculum runs for 14 continuous weekdays (excluding holidays) at your assigned facility. You will be provided a training schedule on Day 1. Roll call will begin promptly at 8 a.m., and class will end at approximately 5 p.m. All interactive courses will be taught by the Training Academy staff via remote computer—live! This will allow for real-time engagements with hands-on assignments after lessons.

Drugs (including marijuana and products containing THC), weapons, tobacco (including tobacco substitutes and products containing nicotine) and alcohol are NOT allowed on ANY CDOC PROPERTY. The use of tobacco products is not allowed on any CDOC property, including CTA buildings, grounds, and parking lot.


If you need an Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation, please contact CTA at (719) 269-4402.