PREA Reporting

If you wish to report an alleged incident of sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct or sexual harassment on behalf of an offender you may:

Report by U.S. Mail

Attn: PREA Administrator 
1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO, 80910

Report by emaildoc_prea_program@state.co.us

Report by telephone:

PREA Reporting line at 1-855-855-0611
Toll-free TIPS line at 877-DOC-TIPS (877-362-8477)

Use the PREA Incident Report Form
Reporting parties please note the following: 

  • The allegation may be discussed with the victim named in the report
  • The allegation will be disclosed only to those who need to know to ensure victim safety and to investigate the allegation
  • Please include as much information as is known about the victims, suspects, date, location and  details of the incident.