Department Policies

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100 - Administration / Organization

100-01  Administrative Regulation Process
100-02  Budget Preparation Procedures
100-04  Tobacco Use in Buildings and Vehicles      
100-07  Reportable Incidents and Incident Tracking System
100-10  Project Directives
100-14  Student Internship Program
100-16  Use of Cellular Devices
100-17  DOC Organizational Management
100-18  Mission Statement
100-19  Communication with Offenders
100-21  Requests from Legislative Agencies         
100-27  Records Management
100-29  Violence in the Workplace 
100-32  Executive and Management Staff Communication
100-33  ACA Accreditation Audits and Facility Security Audits         
100-35  Planning and Continuous Improvement
100-37  Employee Scheduling, Use of Leave, Internal Movement, and Staffing Plans
100-38  Flag Protocol
100-39  Peace Officers
100-40  Prison Rape Elimination Procedure
100-42  Americans with Disabilities Act - Public Access
100-43  Facility Capacity Utilization Change Requests

150 - Disciplinary Guide

150-01 Code of Penal Discipline (COPD)

200 - Business & Finance

200-01  Monetary Consideration for Departure
200-02  Inmate Banking
200-03  Fiscal Policy
200-04  Accident, Injury, and Property Loss Reporting
200-05  Warehouse Guidelines
200-06  Procurement
200-08  Cash Control
200-09  Vehicle Fleet Planning, Assignment, and Management
200-10  Capital Equipment Physical Inventory
200-11  Canteen
200-12  Acquisition of Personal Services         
200-14  Employee, Contract Worker, and Visitor Meals          
200-15  Offender Court Ordered Fines and Fees, Surcharges, Restitution and Child Support Withholding
200-16  Audits         
200-17  Food Product Recalls         
200-18  Grants Management  

250 - Adult Parole

250-01  Intensive Supervision Program (ISP-Inmate) Referral and Placement Process         
250-03  Community Corrections Referral and Placement Process         
250-07  Case Supervision Audit Process

250-12  Drug Screening for Offenders on Parole and in Community Corrections Programs         
250-15  Community Corrections Program Supervision Standards         
250-16  Travel Permits          
250-17  Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies         
250-18  Court Ordered Fines and Fees, Surcharges and Restitution         
250-21  Investigations - Community ISP and Domestic Pre-Parole         
250-22  Intensive Supervision Program for Inmates         
250-23  Client Choice Treatment Provider
250-28  Community Supervision Tool and Case Planning    
250-29  Early Parole Discharge         
250-38  Self-Revocation of Parole
250-40  Transfer of Supervision within the State of Colorado         
250-41  Responding to a Parole Violation through the Colorado Violation Decision Making Process         
250-48  Management of Offenders with an Identified Sex Offense                          
250-52  Five Day Rule         
250-54  Response to Violations and Code of Penal Discipline for Inmates Supervised on the Intensive Supervision Program         
250-56  Emergency Mental Health Intervention          
250-57  Property and Evidence Control         
250-62  Safety Planning and Practices in Community Based Settings         
250-65  Transitional Release Planning        
250-69  Mandatory Reporters of Abuse or Neglect          
250-75  Administrative Supervision        
250-76  Sure and Swift Program         
250-77  Parole Complaint and Summons         
250-78  Medication Assisted Treatment

250-80 Case Supervision Standards

250-81 Special Needs Parole

250-82 Renew Program

300 - Facility Security

300-01  Offender Visiting Program         
300-03  Duty Officer         
300-04  Offender Counts         
300-06  Searches and Contraband Control         
300-09  Tool Control         
300-13  Post Orders         
300-15  Fire Safety         
300-17  Escorted Leave         
300-20  Offender Drug Screening         
300-23  Internal/External Offender Work Crews         
300-24  Offender DNA Testing         
300-26  Publications         
300-27  Access and Control         
300-35  Range Practices and Management         
300-38  Offender Mail         
300-43  Authorization to Provide Food Items for Offenders         
300-55  Offender Movement Schedule         
300-56  Special Controls

350 - Facility Service Operations

350-01 Maintenance Operations

450 - Correctional Industries

450-02  Payment Procedures for Colorado Correctional Industries Goods and Services         
450-03  Surplus Property          
450-05  Victim Compensation Program         
450-06  Federally Certified Work Programs         
450-07  Offender Wage Deduction Agreement         
450-08  Non-State Owned Facility Offender Labor Programs         
450-09  Offender Disaster Relief Crews         
450-10  Business Management         
450-11  Correctional Industries Work Area Procedure

500 - Education & Library

500-01  Offender Education System         
500-02  Library Services

500-03 Exceptional Student Services

550 - Offender Case Management

550-01  Integrated Case Management System         
550-05  Transfer of Foreign National Offenders to Treaty Nations         
550-06  Sex Offender Registration          
550-07  Assisting Offenders Applying for Disability and/or Medicaid Benefits          
550-08  Pre-Parole Planning, Parole Board Presentation/Parole Release    
550-09  Open Parole Board Hearings         
550-10  Assisting Offenders Applying for Colorado State ID's, Replacement Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates         

600 - Offender Classification

600-01  Offender Classification         
600-03  Clinical Transfer of an Offender to a Mental Health Institution         
600-05  Restriction of Offenders’ Privileges in Correctional Facilities         
600-09  Special Management

600-10 Sexual Violence Needs Classification

625 - Time and Release

625-01 Offender Release and Discharge

625-02 Earned Time

625-03 Sentence Computation

650 - Offender Group Living

650-01  Incentive Living Program         
650-02  Protective Custody         
650-03  Restrictive Housing         
650-04  Residential Treatment Programs for Offenders with Mental Illness and Intellectual and Developmental Needs          
650-05  Behavior Management Plans         
650-06  Violence Reduction and Prevention Program         
650-08  Juveniles and Young Adults Convicted as Adults Program

650-10  Honor House Program  

650-11 Mother Bonding Program

650-13 The Beacon at Skyline: A Correctional Community

700 - Offender Health Services

700-01  Responsibility and Organization of Clinical Services         
700-02  Medical Scope of Service         
700-03  Mental Health Scope of Service         
700-04  Dental Scope of Service          
700-05  Optometry Scope of Service         
700-07  Offender Health Screenings and Periodic Examinations      
700-09  Management of Offenders Diagnosed with HIV or AIDS         
700-10  Quality Management Program         
700-12   Pregnancy, Newborn Placement and Family Planning
700-14  Practices Concerning Transgender Offenders         
700-15  Pharmacy Services           
700-17  Clinical Services Offender Health Record Movement         
700-18  Panel of Medical Consultants         
700-19  Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program         
700-20  Substance Use Disorder Program
700-21  Private Health Care Providers         
700-23  Emergency Medication Administration  

700-24   Involuntary Psychotropic Medication Administration       
700-26  Continuity of Care Standards for Mental Health Treatment         
700-27  Medical Decisions and Advance Directives         
700-29  Mental Health Interventions         
700-30  Offender Health Care Co-Payment Program         
700-32  Sex Offender Review of Termination from Treatment         
700-34  Health Care Appliances

700-36   Behavioral Health Peer Mentorship Program

700-38 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Reduction

750 - Offender Legal Services

750-01  Legal Access          
750-03  Litigation Management         
750-04  Americans with Disabilities Act - Offender Request for Accommodation  

800 - Offender Pastoral Care

800-01  Religious Programs, Services, Clergy, Faith Group Representatives, and Practices           
800-02  Religious Trust Fund Accounts and Charitable Contributions         
800-06  Offender Marriages and Civil Unions

850 - Offender Services

850-03  Offender Assignment and Pay         
850-04  Grievance Procedure          
850-06  Offender Property
850-07  Offender Reception and Orientation         
850-10  Emergency Notification         
850-11  Offender Clothing and Bedding Issue, Dress Code, Hygiene, and Grooming          
850-12  Telephone Regulations for Offenders         
850-16  Vehicle Usage by Offenders  

900 - Offender Program Services

900-01  Volunteer Programs         
900-02  Offender Re Entry Mentoring Program

900-03 Peer-Led Programming

950 - Offender Records

950-02  Health Records/Confidentiality/Access         
950-04  Offender Case Management File Format         
950-05  Offender Access to Records         
950-10  Sealing and Expungement of Offender Records         
950-13  Health Record Contents  

1000 - Offender Recreation

1000-01 Recreation and Hobby Work

1050 - Offender Career & Technical Education

1050-06 Career and Technical Education Projects

1100 - Inspections & Audits

1100-04  Food Service Inspections         
1100-05  Housekeeping, Sanitation Inspections and Water Supply Testing 

1150 - Investigations

1150-04  Professional Standards Investigations         
1150-07  Crime Scene Management and Criminal Evidence Handling

1150-12  Canine Program         
1150-13  OIG Case Management System         
1150-14  Background Investigations         
1150-15  Responsibility and Authority of the Office of Inspector General         
1150-18  Offender Crime Victim Rights         
1150-19  Crime Victim Rights          
1150-20  Brady Reporting and Disclosures         
1150-21  CCIC and NCIC Operations  

1200 - Office of Information Technology

1200-01  Planning and Purchasing for Information Technology Equipment and Software         
1200-06  Data Systems, Computer Security, Access, and Usage         
1200-11  Applications Development Systems         
1200-12  Public Safety Two-Way Radios  

1300 - Interstate Transfers

1300-01  Interstate Transfer of Parole Supervision to Compact States         
1300-02  Interstate Probable Cause Hearings         
1300-03  Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) Offender Records, Computer Security, Access, and Usage  

1350 - Public Relations

1350-01  Media Access and Stakeholder Tours         
1350-02  Victim Notification Program         
1350-03  Constituent Services Office         
1350-04  Open Record and Data Requests    
1350-05  Victim Offender Dialogue in Cases of Violent Crime 

1400 - Research & Reporting

1400-03  Conduct and Dissemination of Research         
1400-04  Monthly Population, Recidivism and Escape Reporting         

1450 - Human Resources

1450-01  Code of Conduct         
1450-02  Performance Management Program (PMP)         
1450-03  Discretionary Pay Differentials     
1450-05  Unlawful Discrimination/Discriminatory Harassment         
1450-06  Outside Employment/Volunteer Activity for DOC Employees          
1450-07  Certification of Probationary and Trial Service Employees         
1450-08  Employee Separations         
1450-09  Employee Transfer/Voluntary Demotion/Classification Transfer/Reappointment within the DOC         
1450-10  Creating, Filling, and Classifying Positions         
1450-12  Corrective and Disciplinary Actions
1450-13  Employee Labor Organizations         
1450-14  Overtime and Compensatory Time for Employees         
1450-15  Granting Administrative Leave to Employees         
1450-16  Employment of Relatives and Former and Ex-Offenders          
1450-19  Employee Recognition and Awards Program         
1450-20  DOC Employee Councils

1450-21  G.R.A.A.C.E. Alliance        
1450-22  Political and Legislative Activity         
1450-24  Employee Grievance System         
1450-25  Individual Personnel File Review and Records Security         
1450-30  Family/Medical Leave Act       
1450-31  Appearance and Dress Code          
1450-34  Employee Wellness and Assistance Programs         
1450-35  Employees/Applicants with Disability         
1450-36  Drug Deterrence Program         
1450-38  Diversity/Equal Employment Opportunities         
1450-39  Workers’ Compensation         
1450-41  Donated Leave Program          
1450-42  Transitional Duty Program and Permanent Work Restrictions         
1450-44  Tuition Reimbursement Program          
1450-45  Fitness for Duty         
1450-46  State Employee Cost Savings Incentive Plan         
1450-48  Employee Timekeeping          
1450-49  Employee/Applicant Request for Religious Accommodation or Exemption         
1450-50  Employee Tuberculosis Testing Program         
1450-51  Employee Vaccination Program         
1450-53  Support for Employees Involved in a Shooting or Fatal Use of Force  

1450-55 Flexible Work Arrangements

1500 - Training

1500-01  Department Training System         
1500-02  Basic Training Program         
1500-03  Facility/Office Orientation Program         

1550 - Support Operations

1550-01  Safety Program         
1550-02  Food Service Menu Planning and Service         
1550-05  Waste Disposal and Vermin Control         
1550-10  Food Handlers Certificates and Hygiene Practices         
1550-11  Control of Flammable, Toxic, and Caustic Materials          
1550-12  Functions          
1550-13  Laundry Operations          
1550-14  Emergency Meal Service         
1550-15  Medical and Religious Diets         
1550-16  Asbestos  

1600 - Youthful Offender System (YOS)

1600-01 Youthful Offender System 

1600-05 Youthful Offender System Peer Advocate Program