Court Ordered Fines, Fees, and Restitution:

The Department of Corrections is mandated by Colorado statute to withhold funds for payment of restitution and/or child support. Colorado Revised Statutes [C.R.S. 16-18.5-106(2)] mandate that the department withhold a minimum of 20% from all deposits to an offender's inmate account to be paid toward any outstanding order from a criminal case or for child support. 

COPD Restitution Orders:

If the offender has a balance owed resulting from a Code of Penal Discipline (COPD) conviction, in addition to court ordered fines and fees, surcharges, and restitution and/or child support, an additional 20 percent will be withheld from any deposit to the offender's account.

Restitution Policy:

Information regarding the department's policy surrounding Restitution may be found in Administrative Regulation 200-15 Offender Court Ordered Fines and Fees, Surcharges, Restitution, and Child Support Withholding, available on our Department Policies page.

Disbursement of Restitution Payments:

The Inmate Banking Office turns over all court ordered fines and fees to the Colorado Judicial Branch on a monthly basis.  Any questions regarding disbursement of these funds may be directed to the Colorado Judicial Branch

To speak with a staff member regarding restitution, please call 719-269-4052