SECURUS Video Visitation Go-Live schedule

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The following facilities' video visitation is scheduled to go live as follows.  Additional dates will be added as they become available: 

Go-Live- 12/12/2023

Go-Live - 12/14/2023
Delta, Crowley, Limon
Go-Live - week of 1/15/2024
Fremont, Arrowhead, Centennial, Skyline
Go-Live - week of 1/29/2024 to 2/2/2024
Denver Complex (DRDC & DWCF) and Buena Vista Complex
Go-Live 2/6/2024 and 2/7/2024
Pueblo Complex (YOS, LVCF, San Carlos) and Bent County
Go-Live 2/13/2024 through 2/15/2024
Trinidad (TCF)
Go-Live 2/21/2024