Intermittent JPay Issues

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Due to a server migration project JPay is engaged in, they are currently experiencing intermittent issues with a handful of services nationwide following the system maintenance.  As a result, CDOC facilities have been experiencing issues with JPay mail and there may be intermittent pauses of service when using the following products: 


  • JPay mail
    • Family and friends are having difficulty attaching photos, eCards, VideoGrams, and Snap n’ Sends to messages.
    • Incarcerated users are unable to download and view any attachments or attach eCards to new messages.
    • Friends and family and incarcerated users can send and receive messages without attachments normally.
  • JPay facility system
    • Administrators are not able to review/approve any messages with attachments.
    • No new news is being displayed on JPay News. Users can still access previously posted content.
JPay is aware of the issues and is actively working on a fix.  They have also sent out an update to incarcerated individuals and family and friends to alert them of the disruption.
Contact information for JPay, including the phone number for their 24 hour customer service number, may be found on the Jpay website