General Information and Approval Process


The number of visitors an inmate may receive and the length of visits may be limited only by the facility's schedule, space, and personnel constraints. The intended visitor must complete a Visitor Application and return the completed, signed form to the facility where the inmate is housed. Incomplete applications may be rejected.

Minors must be listed on the application of the legal guardian or immediate family member that will accompany the minor on the visit. Minor children must be named on the Visitor Application, but will not be counted toward the twelve (12) approved visitors. If someone other than the parent/legal guardian is bringing the minor, the parent needs to complete the authorization for minor child visitation. Otherwise, the parent/guardian just needs to list the minor on their visiting application and submit a copy of a birth certificate or adoption/guardianship order.

Visiting applications may be accessed on the Visiting Applications page.

Only one (1) adult name per application will be permitted. 
The Administrative Head is the assigned authority to approve, deny, or delete names of visitors on visiting lists. An inmate's visiting list shall be subject to the following restrictions:

  • No person will be allowed to socially visit more than one (1) inmate unless the person is a member of the immediate family of each inmate being visited.
  • Approval for a person to change from the visiting list of one inmate to another inmate will only be considered if the visitor applicant has been placed on inactive status with the original party for a period of at least one (1) year.
  • Any person representing any potential health hazards to inmates, staff or other visitors will not be approved for visits, until the health hazard is cured (i.e., communicable disease). Staff medical practitioners will render final decisions in such matters.
  • When an inmate transfers to another public facility the approved visitors list will be honored at the new facility.
  • Persons, including immediate family members, who are on active parole, probation or other forms of conditional release, e.g., community programs, furloughs from custody, etc., or who have a felony record within the past three (3) years, will not ordinarily be approved for visits.
  • Any victim of the inmate who wishes to visit the inmate must submit such request in writing to the Administrative Head seeking authorization to visit. The Administrative Head will respond to the victim indicating the decision within thirty (30) days from the receipt of such letter.
  • If it is determined that an individual is likely to have a detrimental effect on the inmate, or present a security threat, they will not be approved for visits.
  • All visitors under age 18 must be listed on the Visitor Application (AR Form 300-01A) and be accompanied by at least one adult who is identified as legal guardian or immediate family member authorized to accompany those specific minors listed on their application. Exceptions will be made for emancipated minors.
  • The approved visitor application and subsequent changes will be entered into the visiting records for system-wide utilization and access during the course of the inmate's incarceration.
  • An approval to visit an inmate may be revoked when information which would have resulted in denial of visits becomes known after an approval to visit has been granted. Revocation and/or suspension of visits may be ordered by the Administrative Head for any activity or event occurring subsequent to the approval for visits (See Section IV.L.). All revocations and/or suspensions with beginning and ending dates will be entered into the visiting records.
  • Valid photo identification (driver's license, student identification card, etc.) is necessary to establish visitor identification. The address on the photo ID must match the address on the application. 
  • An individual who is listed on the approved visitor list, but has not visited that person for one (1) year will be placed on inactive visitor status in the visiting computer system. Information Systems staff will automatically review visitor status quarterly. Persons who have not undergone a background check in the past year may be required to reapply for visiting approval. For persons who have been deactivated from visiting lists, the visitor must re-apply and have a background clearance completed prior to being reactivated as a visitor.