Press Release: CDOC Seeks Collaborative Budget Review

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One of the primary goals of the Colorado Department of Corrections is to continually evaluate our internal processes and procedures to ensure that we remain adaptable to current trends and needs. With a budget totaling over $1.2 billion, it is imperative that we carefully evaluate and examine our expenditures to ensure that we are prudent stewards of taxpayers' funds. This spring, the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC), in collaboration with the Office of State Planning and Budget (OSPB), formally submitted a request to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) for a comprehensive review of our budget practices in order to strengthen our commitment to operational transparency.

The result of this request has been formalized into recently introduced legislation. HB24-1462 will engage the expertise of the State Auditor's Office and an independent third-party contractor to conduct a thorough evaluation of the department's budget practices with the objective of identifying areas for improvement and allowing Colorado to benchmark against national best practices in this specialized area. The resulting report will offer impartial insights and actionable recommendations to inform future budget planning and decision-making processes. If you would like to read the bill, you can locate it on the General Assembly’s website.

The original press release: CDOC Seeks Collaborative Budget Review may be found on our press releases page.


Alondra Gonzalez
Colorado Department of Corrections
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