Meet the Leadership Team

Merideth McGrath, Director

Merideth began her career with the Division in December 2000, as a Community Parole Officer. In May 2002, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Merideth was promoted to Team Leader in 2007, Supervisor in 2008, and Manager in 2010. While a Manager, Merideth served as the Deputy Compact Administrator for the Interstate Commission for Colorado from 2015 through 2018. In 2018, Merideth was promoted to Associate Director, serving as the Director of Executive Clemency, and appointed by Governor Hickenlooper as the Interstate Commissioner in May of 2018. In 2019, she was reappointed Commissioner under Governor Polis and in 2020 was promoted to Deputy Director of the Division.

Throughout her career, Merideth has had the opportunity to serve on many different Department Committees, to include strategic planning teams, legislative task forces, and community advocacy/reform projects; a few of her current projects include the Normalization Committee and the EDI initiative known as the GRAACE Alliance.

As a Division, we are charged with ensuring best re-entry practices. This involves establishing intentional transition planning while engaging Department staff, clients, and community partners alike in these efforts. Combining the individual expertise with support services and resources designed to meet the needs of our releasing clients helps us to achieve the goal of successful transition. Merideth is committed to serving the many stakeholders while supporting the mission of the department. 

Travis Hadaway, Assistant Director of Southern and Western Field Operations

Travis is a native of Southern Colorado, having graduated from Colorado State University–Pueblo with a B.S. in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology in 1997. He began his career with the Colorado Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer in 1998, later serving as a Community Programs Agent, Community Parole Officer, Team Leader, Supervisor and Manager within the Division of Adult Parole. Throughout his career, he has had assignments in several parole field offices. Travis has served on numerous departmental and divisional committees and working groups. He has received an FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award for leadership and serves as a departmental trainer/instructor. In 2022, Travis was promoted to Assistant Director for the Division of Adult Parole and currently oversees parole operations for the Southern and Western Regions of Colorado.

Susan White, Assistant Director of Denver Metro and Northern Field Operations

Susan graduated from the University of ColoradoBoulder in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in both Psychology and Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology and Criminal Justice. Susan started her career working at a community corrections facility in Denver. In 1991, she was recruited to take a temporary contract position as a Parole Officer for the Colorado Department of Corrections and worked as a Pre-Trail Services Case Manager and Bond Commissioner for Jefferson County Community Corrections/Sheriff's Department before hiring on permanently with the Division of Adult Parole in 1993. Susan received her POST certification at the Red Rocks Law Enforcement Academy in 1994.

Susan served as a Community Parole Officer for five (5) years before her promotion to Team Leader, and subsequently to Supervisor, Manager, Associate Director, and finally Assistant Director in 2011. She has been with the CDOC/ Adult Parole for a total of 28 years overseeing parole field operations, the Pre-Release Program, and Community Re-Entry services during that time.

Susan currently oversees field operations in the Denver Metro and Northern Regions as well as Fugitive operations. 

John Cribari, Assistant Director of Administrative Services / Specialized Supervision Unit

In 1999, John graduated from Colorado State University–Pueblo with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and a minor in Psychology. One month prior to graduating from college, he was hired by the CDOC as a Correctional Officer at the Denver Complex. In 2008, John continued his CDOC career with the Division of Adult Parole. 

In April 2022, John promoted to Assistant Director and oversees administrative services, community corrections, command post and fugitive apprehension for the Division of Adult Parole. Throughout his CDOC career, he has worked as a Correctional Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant with Prison Operations and a Parole Officer, Team Leader, Manager and Assistant Director with the Division of Adult Parole. John constantly analyzes and evaluates processes to ensure best practices are implemented.

Jessica Bertolas, Assistant Director of Transitional Services

Jessica Bertolas graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Jessica began her career with the Department of Corrections in 2008 as a State Service Professional Trainee. After successfully completing the Peace Officer Standard and Training program she became a Community Parole Officer. Throughout her career, she has worked in various field offices and supervised clients with various backgrounds. She spent the majority of her career working with clients that have a sexual conviction. She was promoted from Team Leader, Supervisor, and Manager to Assistant Director in April of 2022. Jessica currently oversees the Transitional Services Unit, formerly Offender Services. 

Jessica will be working collaboratively with department staff to implement more intentional release planning for clients as well as providing support to clients on Parole. 

Heather Salazar, Associate Director of Administrative Services

Heather graduated from the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Psychology and Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology, a Master in Criminal Justice (MCJ), and a Master in Public Administration (MPA). She has oversight of Administrative Services for the Division, to include, Fugitive Extraditions, Transport Unit/ Extraditions, Command Post, Benefit Acquisition team, the Client Choice Treatment Provider program and Treatment Coordination Case Managers, Parole Community Corrections Case Managers, Community Referral Unit, Division Administrative Regulations, Strategic Planning, Training unit, Hearings unit, Interstate Compact, Life Safety, Executive Clemency, Offender ID Project, and Special Projects. Heather has managed various grants and collaborations with State/local agencies and community/faith-based agencies. She has served on various committees in Colorado; Correctional Treatment Board, Health Care Justice Transition, ID Task Force, Behavioral Health Disorders in Criminal Justice System Task Force, Interagency Council on Homelessness, Pathways Home Advisory Committee, Fatherhood Initiative, Colorado SOAR Project, City and County of Denver Crime Prevention and Control Commission, Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and Community Corrections Task Force. 


Amberly Chalberg, Associate Director of Restore

Amberly serves as the Associate Director for Community Re-Entry for the Division of Adult Parole. Amberly is a passionate, client-focused public servant dedicated to improving client success through the use of evidence-based practices, and building strong community partnerships. As Associate Director, she leads a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of Community Re-Entry Managers and Supervisors, Re-Entry Specialist, Pre-Release Specialists, Facility-based Community Parole Officers, Employment Training Navigators, Community Care Case Managers, Parole Case Managers, and Administrative Support staff who serve the needs of diverse clients as they re-enter Colorado communities.

Prior to her role Associate Director, Amberly served as the Community Re-Entry Manager and as a Community Re-Entry Specialist with the Division. During her tenure, she has built strong teams focused on delivering client-centered services, developed and integrated organizational systems to improve client success, and built strong relationships with community-based partners. Amberly has also supported the Long Term Offender Program (LTOP), the Gender Responsive Program, and provided services to clients with several mental health and substance use disorders. 

Amberly served at the City and County of Denver, Department of Public Safety, where she provided oversight for ten halfway houses in the Metro area and co-led the implementation of the nation's first 90-day cognitive behavioral treatment center. Amberly was also a Supervisor for Jefferson County Human Services where she lead a team that provided access to public assistance programs. Prior to moving to Colorado, Amberly began her career in public service as a mental health counselor at a long-term treatment center. 

Adult Parole Organizational Chart

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