COVID Visitation


CDOC will begin allowing in-person visitation at some facilities based on very specific criteria. 

A copy of that current criteria can be found HERE 

At this time ONLY the Buena Vista Correctional Complex has been authorized to begin limited in-person visitation 

This criteria is current as of 5/4/2021 but is subject to change. 



Given the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, the Colorado Department of Corrections has modified operations at our facilities.

At this time, in order to best protect CDOC facilities, the Department of Corrections has suspended visiting in many of our facilities. DOC understands that this will greatly impact the inmate population, but have made the difficult decision that the risk of a visitor potentially bringing COVID-19 into a facility is something that must be prevented to the extent possible. 

CDOC has implemented video visiting in all facilities and is providing all inmates in our custody one free 5 minute phone call per week in order to assist inmates in staying connected to those they care about. More information about video visitation can be found HERE

Legal visits will still occur but will be non-contact visits.

 Additional information regarding the department's response to COVID-19 may be found HERE

For information on how to visit an inmate at a facility, please go to the main page of this website and select the facility you are hoping to visit under the "Facilities" section.