Take TWO (Transitional Work Opportunity) Reentry Program


As of August 2022, the Take TWO (Transitional Work Opportunities) has been suspended.  The Colorado Department of Corrections is committed to successful reentry programs for those in our custody and care. It is our mission to provide offenders with meaningful opportunities to make positive behavioral changes and become law-abiding, productive citizens. We will be focusing our efforts to provide meaningful employment opportunities inside the walls through partnerships with private industries. This page will be updated should the Colorado Department of Corrections successfully re-activate the Take TWO work release program in the future.


General Information 

Take TWO, A Transitional Work Opportunity Reentry Program, is designed around normality and progression. This program is for incarcerated individuals to have an opportunity to work for employers and earn a prevailing or marketable wage with an end goal to live in a non-prison environment within the community.

Buena Vista Transitional Work Center (TWC)

Due to the unique nature of the Buena Vista Correctional Complex (BVCC), incarcerated individuals participating in "Take TWO" will be living in the updated "boot camp" building at BVCC. This Transitional Work Center will provide space and opportunity for the participants to learn and improve their skills of self-sufficiency and reliance, while simultaneously ensuring that the safety, training and education, and basic welfare needs of the participants are being met.

Why the Take TWO Reentry Program?

Below are a few key points:

  • Incarcerated individuals have the opportunity to acquire some monetary savings prior to their release from the prison system, improve their job skills to make them more marketable and employable, and help re-establish a social network within the community.
  • This program will be able to assist employers to fulfill a labor shortage.
  • To reduce the recidivism rate in Colorado. The high recidivism rates in the correctional/justice system are driven by a multitude of factors. Several of those factors include the lack of work, poor (or no) housing options, and a lack of connection to the community for returning citizens.
How are incarcerated individuals selected for this program?

The Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) has developed a multistep in-depth screening process to look for eligible incarcerated individuals for this program.

The incarcerated individuals that are determined suitable for this program will need to meet the following criteria as public safety is our #1 priority:

  • Must be a low public safety risk to the outside community. Sex offenders will not be accepted into this program.
  • Have 36 months or less until their Mandatory Release Date or Sentence Discharge Date.
  • Have acceptable work skills and work history.
  • Have shown progression and have a record of good behavior.
What safety precautions is the Colorado Department of Corrections taking for this program?

The CDOC in-depth screening process will be highly important to ensure that low security risk incarcerated individuals are part of this program. Electronic monitoring will be utilized to keep track of incarcerated individuals for security, accountability, and safety precautions. 

What if an incarcerated individual escapes from the program?

Through the multistep in-depth screening process, incarcerated individuals selected for this program are to be a low security risk to the public. The CDOC has a security action plan put in place to activate if an incarcerated individual was to not report to work or non-prison living environment.

COVID-19 Notice: Due to the pandemic, the CDOC has adjusted the Take TWO Reentry program. These adjustments include placing incarcerated individuals on Intensive Supervision Program- Inmate (ISP-I) status in certain counties in Colorado where they would be living and working in the community.